Diamond State Romance Authors

First Downs

Something happened this month.

Technically, a lot of things happened because I finished everything on my list from last month. But we’re going to focus on just a few results.

I not only entered the contest, I offered to judge in a different category. As an avid reader and a former teacher, it seemed like a natural thing to do. So what happened with that? I read through these entries and realized I could tell you why I liked them. I learned from what these other authors did well, but I could also see how much I’d already learned.

I finished my class and my homework, and along the way I made a new friend in one of my classmates. As newbie authors, we’ve found a way to stick together and support each other. But in talking to her, I realized again how much I’ve learned through listening to the advice and lessons offered by DSRA colleagues, taking other workshops, and learning on my own. I sounded like someone who knew what they were doing – or a big windbag (the jury is still out).

There are a few things pending that are sure to humble me. I’ve hired a freelance editor to review some of my work, and I’m pitching to an editor tomorrow. Those two things will show in concrete terms how much I’ve learned so far; but I know that neither experience will kill me. I’m sure to come away with new goals.

This month I’ve realized that I’m a writer regardless of whether my name is on a cover — yet.  While it’s not a touchdown, that’s a huge gain in yards.  I’ll take it.

Have a great month. Read something fun!