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Editor’s Notes on Writing Fresh

KLGThis past Saturday the Diamond State Romance Authors were lucky enough to host Entangled Publishing Editor Kerri-Leigh Grady. Awesome, I know! Aside from being talented and helpful, she’s also adorably charming and down to earth. A real treat. Kerri-Leigh presented a workshop on Strategies for Writing Fresh. I’d like to share with you a few of the key points visited in the session.

When an editor says they want something fresh, they don’t want something unrecognizable or unmarketable for the genre you’re aiming for. They want a spin on the familiar. Familiar gives editors and ultimately readers a frame of reference for your story. A twist gives stock frameworks new life and dimension.

Tropes are not necessarily cliche. Cliches are boringly predictable, but tropes can be the frame of reference for the magical story you weave. Kerri-Leigh gave a wonderful example in the movie Star Wars. In its time there were no moves like Star Wars, yet it was favored among many because it had cutting edge effect AND a recognizable story structure…good vs. evil, farm boy with a destiny, princess and lovable rouge.

Kerri-Leigh was also a bit of a drill sergeant, one that smiled and handed out chocolate. She paired us off and had us re-imagine standard troupes, make them fresh, and deliver a story blurb in five minutes. Needless to say, if you know anyone in DSRA, the exercise turned out some interesting, some hilarious, and some fabulous stories!  The Beast of Wall Street,  Goldilocks and the Boardroom, The Spinster in Space, and Gene Code name a few.

ladies1 ladies2We had a blast and would like to thank Kerri-Leigh so very much for taking the time out of her busy schedule to lend her talent to our group! Thanks you!!










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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Megan. I like the idea of a frame of reference, bc truly, we do follow the same journey story after story. It’s when the writer masterfully carries us into the action that we don’t notice the landmarks.

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