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The writer and weight loss

Hello Everyone, I’m Lynda and I’m addicted to junk food.  Is there a rehab center you can point me towards before I grow out of everything in my closet?

Ever since I started writing my waist line has taken on a spread, and not in a good way. I really try to keep my snacks on the healthy side but a bag of barbecue potato chips always finds its way to my table and my will power goes out the window. The worst time for me is when I’m struggling with a scene. I will type, think, then munch while I ponder what to write. I find my self pondering a lot lately.

I have good intentions in the beginning. I start off in the mind set that I’m going to do it the right way. Count out my chips, or crackers to one serving size, and I even package them so I’m not tempted to go overboard. Well that works for maybe the first few handfuls and then the box of cheese its are in my lap, and I’m typing away. Then before I know it my hand hits the bottom of the box and the guilt takes over. Okay, a little on the dramatic side but I’m to the point where I need a twelve step program, or Jenny Craig, and since I’m still a struggling author Jenny Craig is out. 

I wondered if I was alone in my addiction so I did a facebook poll. I can hear you laughing but the answers were hilarious, and many writers suffer with my dilemma. So to save my closet, and keep me from having to be one of those Walmart shoppers in her pajama’s, because that’s all I can fit into, I decided to turn my house into a non junk food haven. Sucks, but I will be thinner for it. 

Here are a few fun and tasty snack I found.

Number one snack would be air popped popcorn. It’s low cal, has fiber and if you’re on weight watchers a full bag would only be three points.

Cheese and crackers. This can lead to a lot of calories but if you use the Wasa crackers, and keep the cheese to thin slices, and low fat, it can be filling and loaded with protein.

And we cannot forget about fruit. Just make sure you watch your portion sizes. Fruit is good for you but it still has sugars, and hidden calories 

So what do you find yourself reaching for when you need a snack?

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