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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Accent?


Southern Boy

He spoke but a word. I was hooked.

Ears pricked, begging for more.

From inflection I knew more than how good he looked.

He came from the Mississippi shore.

Sun kissed skin and an easy smile.

Confidence and rhythm rumbled from his voice.

I could listen to him talk for a while.

Forever, perhaps, if I made this choice.


From Britain to Boston, Spain to SoHo, Australia to Atlanta, and everywhere in-between accents abound. And, dear authors, they’re not just for real life or the movie screen. So, don’t be afraid to add some culture to your contemporary. It’s a big world out there full of beautiful swirls and sways of the English language. I’ll share with you a few of my favorites. Below that, you tell me yours…




Favorite Accent

Megan Mitcham, Author

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