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Writer On-call 24/7 by Sandra Jones

I’ve been a writer for years, but I’ve never participated in Nano since November is one of my most hectic months as an educator. I’ve written 50, 000 words in 4 weeks before, but not in November. This year I tried, but there are too many interruptions for me to complete 50k words. I did, however, push my productivity to the limit thanks to Nano.

While I was racing to crank out my daily words, I had to fly to New York for four days with some co-workers to attend a celebrity charity gala honoring their work with animals. I had no idea what to expect because I’ve never been to a gala before. However, I wanted to keep my commitment to my word count goals, so I planned to write while I traveled. This worked out much better than anything I expected. I finished a rough draft of a chapter during my 4 hour flight and revised it on the way home.

During my stay, I toured the Metropolitan Museum and got a close look at some weapons, armor, and art–great fodder for future works. Then the gala itself provided more inspiration in the beautiful, historic Waldorf Astoria. Stars like George Takei, Zach Braff, Rachael Rae, Matt Lauer, and Howard Stern were there, along with the gorgeous John Stamos. In fact, my thoughtful, amazing husband met Mr. Stamos in the hotel corridor and brought him to our table. I can’t tell you how flabbergasted I felt having this man, whose General Hospital image (Remember Blackie, anyone?) once graced my pre-teenage bedroom walls and who later inspired a Greek hero in one of my paranormal novellas, approach me for a picture! Talk about an adolescent dream come true.

I left New York with more words written and great memories, and yes, I’m completely convinced…you can finish that book if you just…keep…writing.


Legendary romance…


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  1. Awesome! My hubby snagged Tony Bennett for me once. Not quite the same effect as John Stamos, but thrilling just the same. Congrats on a super-productive month. I’m still chasing NaNo this week. Should make it if I can stay on task. Wish me luck!

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