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Introspection: A Writer’s best friend

We all know how to use introspection to convey important plot/character points in our stories, but do we use it enough when it comes to our careers?

When I first started writing, I moved from one project to the next without thinking beyond ‘The End’, but that’s not true anymore. As I shared back in January, I have a business plan. That means December is my month to review the year’s accomplishments, assess where I’m at in relation to my goals, and set new (hopefully bigger and better) goals for 2014.

There will be introspection. Probably a good deal of it. Most likely more than any decent editor will allow in a manuscript.

I like to keep moving ahead. So much so that my husband teases me about my shark-like tendencies. Taking the time to look back over the past twelve months is hard for me. But I also know that I need to look back in order to have a clear view of where I’m going when I take that next step.

So December is here and another whirlwind year is winding to a close. As you look forward to 2014, I have a few simple wishes for you:

May your rejections be few and loaded with feedback.

May your releases be satisfying and plentiful. (Yes, I meant that to sound dirty.)

And I hope your reflections on the past bring you joy and your dreams for the future buckets of excitement.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays.



2 thoughts on “Introspection: A Writer’s best friend

  1. Here! Here! Especially, with the releases thing!! 😉 Stay warm up there, Mags and Jules. Remember, sharing body heat is the best way to do that. Skin to skin, don’t waste it through layers of clothing.

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