Diamond State Romance Authors

Doing My Edits

I’m published with Samhain Publishing. I mention this because their “routine” is digital release first, followed by the print version (for word counts greater than 50k) about a year later. This means I do line edits TWICE. Once for digital and one for print. I know what you’re thinking…you did the edits for the digital version, why do you have to do them again?

Line edits are TOUGH, or at least for me. I cannot “read” my work and see my mistakes. Wrong word? My mind just fills in the right word and I move on. The other problem is missing words, i.e. missing “be” from the phrase “to be.” My brain doesn’t miss the “be.” It’ just fills it in and moves on.

So to do my edits I have to have every word read aloud to me. Every single word. I follow along with a print version. I can “hear” mistakes. It’s time consuming. So much slower than reading to edit, but it’s much more accurate.

For my first book, I just “read” it for digital. It had some classic errors when the digital version came out. My favorite was….It was SUPPOSED to read “He placed her hand on the concrete balcony.” What it said was “He placed her hand on the concrete BALONEY”. Oh dear. It it’d be read to me, I would have HEARD baloney and known I had a problem. So when it came time to do the edits for the print version, I used DragonSpeak to read to me. I had 18 pages of edits/mistakes! YIKES!

For my second book, I used DragonSpeak for the digital edits. Took FOREVER. I’m doing the edits for the print version now and so far, not one mistake. Lesson learned.

So the lesson for today…you have to find what works for you for edits but if you’ve never used the read function for editing, you might find it quite valuable, as I did.

Like I said, I used DragonSpeak, which can be expensive at about $100. But if you watch, you’ll find it on sale. For example, here it’s $30. But Microsoft has a read function too!

Good luck with your edits. Tell me any tricks and tips you  have. I’d love to learn some new ones.