Cynthia D'Alba

Trouble Finishing A Book

I am getting near the end of book 4 in the Texas Montgomery Mavericks Series. But I’m having trouble finishing it. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going to happen…I do. I’m not really a plotter but at this point in any book (I’m setting up the Big Black Moment), I know exactly what happens. But I find I’m writing slower and slower, lucky to get a 1000 word day. Odd, isn’t it? It’d be like driving 35 MPH on an interstate between to cities. I’ve been wondering what makes writers not finish. I have a couple of theories.

The “I don’t want to finish and leave my characters” syndrome. I know when I’m done, my characters will live on in the minds and lives of my readers but for me? I have to move on. New characters, new stories. If your characters are not alive in your mind, if you don’t see them as real people (while you’re writing), then your characters might not breathe on the page.

Next theory is “If I finish and put my baby out there, people might not like it.” As long as you are writing, your characters, story and your ego can remain intact. But after you finish and release it into the world, you risk readers criticizing your characters (flat, unimaginative, dull), your story (unrealistic, unanswered plot strings), or even your writing (odd phrasing, weak voice.)

So, do you have the “trouble finishing a book” syndrome? What are your excuses? I’ve given you mine. Now you confess!