Diamond State Romance Authors

Too Paralyzed to write?

I have a old-time favorite author who doesn’t put out much today. It all seemed to start when she won a RITA from RWA back a number of years ago. She mentally locked up. Could produce nothing. In her mind, everything she wrote was horrible. She studied every word, every phrase she work. She analyzed every sentence for structure. She wrote, rewrote and finally couldn’t write. Years passed. Nothing new came from her. As I write this, she hasn’t had a single title published that didn’t involve writing with other people.

She’s not the first author I’ve seen like this. I call it Analysis Paralysis. Writers who spend so much time analyzing every word that they can not move forward.

Now, I’m not suggesting you produce crap and call it flowers. But I am suggesting that there comes a time when you need to stop fretting over every word and march on with your book.

Have you ever been stalled in your writing by spending too much time analyzing?