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New Blogging Schedule for the DSRA

Beginning this Saturday, March 1, the DSRA blog will be shifting to a new posting schedule. Our contributors will now have assigned dates to help streamline our blogging routines. Check out this new schedule and mark your favorite blogger’s date.

1st – New Release Blog – Check out new releases from all our DSRA members
2nd – Lynda
6th – Maggie/Margaret
8th – Brinda
12th – Harriet
14th – Megan
16th – Voirey
20th – Cynthia
22nd – Elle/Myla
24th – Nena
26th – Mandy
28th – Sandra

For more information about our members, take a look at their profile page under “Our Bloggers.”

2 thoughts on “New Blogging Schedule for the DSRA

    1. I’m happy to know you’re enjoying the blog. Let us know what you like and we’ll do our best to keep talking about the things you want to know. 🙂

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