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Bend Don’t Break

The one sure thing in life is change. Like the seasons, some are predictable. Others, like a bump in release date, are not. Alterations range from tragic to down right minuscule. Since diversity is ever-present in our lives, you’d think we would have grown accustomed to dealing with it. Alas, sometimes we freak over the tiniest change in plans.


CC photo- Ashley Harrigan

Lets look at a few ways we can become flexible, and bend our way through unforeseen obstacles. No breaking allowed!

  1. Turn that frown up-side-down! Attitude plays a major role in success or failure. Author, Sidney Bristol shared this moving and spot-on photo the other day. 1900074_832761650084766_491254016_n
  2.  Organization will put you ahead of many curve balls. If you’re not organized, start today by tackling one facet of your work life at a time. Today mark all deadlines, trips, blog posts, giveaways, etc. on your calendar. Tomorrow tackle your computer files.
  3. Perfection is unattainable. Stop nit-picking yourself to death. Do the best job you can do. Then move on.
  4. Perspective. When all else fails and you feel panic fist your precious lungs, step back and look around. Things could always be worse. Appreciate the successes you’ve achieved and work toward the next one, but not at the expense of your peace.

**I’m no expert. I’ve just learned a few things, the hard way.**

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