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Partying Down on Facebook

I’m taking over for our very own Cynthia D’Alba today and talking about our Facebook fun! Waning are the days of multi-city book release tours and in are the multi-blog tours and social media gatherings. Cynthia and I were lucky enough to be included among thirteen other talented authors in the new release, Cowboy Heat. Since we span several states and countries the logistics of getting all of us in the same place was ridiculous. So, we scheduled a party on Facebook.

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Randi Alexander
Cheyenne Blue
Michael Bracken
Layla Chase
Cynthia D’Alba
Delilah Devlin
Shoshanna Evers
Mia Hopkins
Myla Jackson
Emma Jay
Cat Johnson
Amber Lin
Robie Madison
Megan Mitcham
Sabrina York

How to set up a Facebook Party:

1. Go to your Facebook profile

2. Click on Events

3. Click Create Event at the top tool bar

4. Schedule your P.A.R.T.Y.

5. Upload your cover photo. We took our blog banner and added each of our story titles and names and used them for our hour.

6. Invite everyone you know

7. Have your friends invite everyone they know

8. Remind your friends the day before and day of the party

9. Since there were 15 of us we each took one host hour. If it’s you alone schedule your party for a two hour max.

10. Pre-plan subject matter to stimulate “conversation” or comments

11. Plan to give some things away. Not your first born or even a Kindle paperwhite. In candid conversations with many authors and readers, we discovered people don’t care what they win as long as they have the opportunity to win something. Swag. Ebooks. Low increment gift cards.

12. Buckle in for your allotted time and prepare to have F.U.N.

13. Prepare a light schedule after the party because you’ll be wiped in the best way!

Our Cowboy Heat Release Party was a huge success. What does success look like to us? We spread the word about our release, met new and amazing people, shared some laughs, had stimulating conversation and gained some new followers/friends for our own social media profiles. Good luck with your next Facebook party! Invite me. They’re fun!

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3 thoughts on “Partying Down on Facebook

  1. Thanks MM for covering for me! 🙂

    The problem I have when hosting FB parties is keeping up with comments on my post. SO what I do is have ONLY two posts going. One is whatever giveaway I’m running. I pin it to the top of the page. The other is my “chatting” post. I keep everything in that post, even if I change subjects. That’s why you’ll see that one of my posts had close to 400 comments. When my contest is cover, I make a comment in THAT post that the contest is over and I change the post to say the contest is over. I post the winner(s) and unpin the post from the top.

    But you are right about being tired when it’s over!

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