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The Art of Kissing ~ Brinda Berry

I’m a sucker for a great kiss.

We all remember the great movie kisses. Casablanca, Twilight, and The Notebook nailed it with the memorable lip lock. But what about the romantic kiss in your favorite book? Is it always the first kiss? The setting? Maybe it’s not the kiss, but the AN-TI-CI-PA-TION…

Recently, I wrote a kissing scene that left me fairly breathless. I guess it’s because I try to immerse myself in the moment. I want the reader to feel that kiss as well.

Do you like the hard, soft, bruising, tender, butterfly, or punishing kiss? Tongue or no-tongue? Hands on her/his head, neck, shoulders, or all the other places (oh, your brain just went to all the other places–don’t deny it)? The hot kiss or the tragic kiss?

Then add all the other senses to make that kiss rock your character’s world. Romance writers have to make so many decisions.

Do you have a favorite book kissing scene?

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