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I’ve been to New York City several times now, and by no means an expert on all the city has to offer, but I can guarantee there is always an adventure there. My first trip to New York City I can recall sitting on a bench on 5th Ave and staring up at the really tall buildings and the wide avenue and thinking, “Godzilla was really huge!” For the beast to swipe both sides of the street with his tail he had to be really, really big. And if you’re one of those people (like me) who follows the Avenger Movies (love, love, love!) the monsters that swept into the city had to be huge too!

But it’s not just the monsters that make NYC a great place to set stories. It’s the atmosphere, the subway, alleys, dark places, Central Park, historic buildings like the Central Library (remember the movie DAY AFTER TOMORROW?) and the people. My sister, Delilah Devlin, and I have an adventure every time we go. From riding the subways to the bicycle rickshaws, to buying knockoff purses in hidden closets in Soho shops. It’s fun, it’s exciting and I love it!

I’ve set all three of my DEMON series in NYC in Manhattan where I’ve created a Paranormal Investigation Team who take on the weird and unusual crimes that happen in Manhattan. My main characters are Katya Danske and Blaise Michaels. They solve the mysteries and struggle with their growing attraction and their own paranormal abilities.

In the first two books of my Witch series I set them in Chicago, also another great location for paranormal stories as they have and entire underground area beneath the old city. But in the most recent release THE WITCH’S DESIRE, I take them to NYC, and mix the two series, just a little, to make it more fun. Deme Chattox and Cal Black race against time and a vindictive vampire to get a VIP to the paranormal council.

And what better place for paranormal creatures to blend in with society than a melting pot like NYC? And did I mention, these books are sexy HOT? Yeah, baby!


TemptingTheDemonApril marked the release of the third book in the series TEMPTING THE DEMON

Book #1 – HOT DEMON NIGHTS Amazon | Nook
Book #2 – DEMON’S EMBRACE Amazon | Nook
Book #3 – TEMPTING THE DEMON Amazon | Nook| Kobo

Witch's Desire cover



May marks the third release in my Witch series: THE WITCH’S DESIRE

Book #1 -THE WITCH’S INITIATION Amazon | Nook
Book #2 – THE WITCH’S SEDUCTION Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Itunes
Book #3 – THE WITCH’S DESIRE Amazon | Nook