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Closing the Door



I’m an only child, and I like to joke that I can entertain myself in a room with nothing but four walls. It’s pretty much true. Of course, I’d prefer having books, but I can manage without. When I was a teenager, I would retreat to my bedroom, close the door on the world, and tune into my imagination. I couldn’t hear my thoughts unless I had that solitude.

Recently I reminded myself of that need for isolation. I’d been wrestling with some plot points in a story, not really sure what would happen next. Then I had an impromptu trip, a three hour-long drive. Alone. After only driving a few miles down the highway, the scenes fell into place perfectly. I had the complete picture for the next two chapters.

Closing the door helps me block the distractions and really see and hear. Next month I travel to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. It’s a very, very long drive. I think I’ll enjoy it!



  Sandra Jones, author ~ legendary romance

2 thoughts on “Closing the Door

  1. There are those who refuse to believe that I am a natural introvert, but I am. I need my alone time. Even if it’s just me escaping to the bathtub for a while. Car rides are a great way to recharge. I drove to RT in KC and back by myself last year. It was the perfect way to gear up and come down from the madness of convention. Enjoy the quiet ride, but have a blast while you are there!

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