Diamond State Romance Authors

Closing the Door


I’m an only child, and I like to joke that I can entertain myself in a room with nothing but four walls. It’s pretty much true. Of course, I’d prefer having books, but I can manage without. When I was a teenager, I would retreat to my bedroom, close the door on the world, and tune into my imagination. I couldn’t hear my thoughts unless I had that solitude.

Recently I reminded myself of that need for isolation. I’d been wrestling with some plot points in a story, not really sure what would happen next. Then I had an impromptu trip, a three hour-long drive. Alone. After only driving a few miles down the highway, the scenes fell into place perfectly. I had the complete picture for the next two chapters.

Closing the door helps me block the distractions and really see and hear. Next month I travel to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. It’s a very, very long drive. I think I’ll enjoy it!


  Sandra Jones, author ~ legendary romance