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Advertising the Goods by Brinda Berry

Chasing LuckMy goal for this week is to entice readers to pick up a copy of my new release CHASING LUCK. This isn’t my first book. You’d think I would have a marketing plan ready to roll. The truth is this. There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to execute all the grand ideas I have about marketing. I’ll share my marketing quest with you.

I’m well-versed in all the social media sharing techniques. There’s quite a bit of shouting into the crowded world of Facebook and Twitter. What can I do to stand out? I need eye candy. Things that don’t come out and yell, “Buy me!!”

And I need marketing promo items that are cheap exceptional but economical. I do have a small, teeny-tiny marketing budget.

For instance, I’m attending the RT Booklovers Convention in NOLA this month. Due to my procrastination and unknown release details, I do not have promo ready for the convention. I ordered goods for my other books, but I’d like to include this new one. I know I could design and pay for rush delivery. Instead, I will be taking a tip from my author friend Ciara Knight and using some fun software I recently discovered.

I’m one of the author hosts for a Scrapbook Mania reader session and would love some promo for that session. Join me as I work through the process of creating and ordering some promotional cards.

Step One: I am clicking over to You can use a free account. I have the premium service account for a year which was a small fee. The only difference is some extra features. This isn’t a full tutorial, but you should spend time playing in the online software before you have a deadline on creating a product. I suggest you make book teasers (those images plus great lines from your book) to get the hang of it. I started a new project and pulled in my book image.

Screenshot 2014-05-03 08.15.07

There’s a toolbar on the side and I will select text to add to my project. If you are unfamiliar with graphics software, I’m using a transparent background that displays as a checkered board. No worries. Those blocks won’t show up in my end product. I chose text in a style to match what was already in the book cover created by the book’s cover artist. I also used the eye dropper tool when I pulled up color choices so I could match the color of the text. I rotated one block of text.

Screenshot 2014-05-03 08.30.07


Step Two: Save in Picmonkey’s size called “Bubbles” for great resolution in printing. Check the setting by clicking on the tiny gear icon above your project.

I am showing you the bare minimum. You could play with the different backgrounds, frames, and textures. Here is a tutorial I found on YouTube, .

Step Three: I’m going to use Walgreen’s for the photo processing. I have a 40% off coupon in my email. I also can easily go to the store for pickup. The 4X6 photos are usually $.20 each or $.29 same day pickup. With my coupon for 40% off, that will be highly affordable. With the coupon, I can order 100 photos for $12. Make sure to preview the cropping in case something important gets cropped.

Screenshot 2014-05-03 09.23.09


While I was at it, I decided to make a collage in case I want to print something else. I will order a larger print of it.

Chasing Luck Collage

I’m excited to pick up my order today. I can also print labels with a QR code to stick on the back of the 4X6 photos. This will take readers to my website. Since I’m planning to use these at a scrapbook session, the 4X6 photo cards will be great mementos.

Hope you have fun creating your next promotional item.

BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.


UPDATE: The order was placed and picked up on the same day at Walgreens. Total cost = $19.06 for 121 pieces. photo (38)





6 thoughts on “Advertising the Goods by Brinda Berry

  1. Thank you for sharing. I will be in New Orleans for RT Booklovers Convention, too. I am attending some classes, hoping to learn from those who have published. This is a prime example of what I need to learn. I use pic monkey already but would not have thought of sending them to be printed to use as swag. Congrats on your release. I hope you have a great time in NOLA- maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I use for ordering bulk quantities and it is less expensive, but this worked for my quick and easy swag. I hope to see you at RT!

  2. I didn’t even know you had this blog. Looks like I’m not that good of a stalker…yet.

    Excellent idea. I’m going to check out the website. I just learned about QR codes about a month ago, battled getting them to print, finally had to do it from word program rather than picture program because as a picture, it was trimming the edges of the code.

  3. Oh that’s a great idea! I might have to steal it. I don’t have anything to hand out for one of my stories at RT and had planned on printing out a picture of the cover and framing it but maybe I’ll do this too… 🙂

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