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Are You Utilizing and Optimizing Your RWR?

Everyone in my house just bolted out the back door. Why? I’m in deep cleaning mode. No unused toy, unworn shirt or dust bunny (no matter how cute…not that I find dust at all cute, but bunnies very much so) is safe. The same goes form my writing files on and off the computer.

In my craze for cleanliness I tackled a two year stack of RWR’s (Romance Writers Report – monthly magazine from Romance Writers of America). I’ve read most of them once or twice already. Do you scour yours as soon as they arrive or do you let them collect overfed dust rats?


RWR’s have loads of information offered from professionals in our chosen field. Some article touch on topics and offer different resources for further discovery. Others get to the marrow with set by step how to guides.

Did I throw my stack away? Some. If you want to complexity de-clutter, they are all offered online at I tagged a hand full for future reference. I highlighted contests I’d like to enter, advertising ideas and everything in the middle.

So, if you’re wondering what apps you should use for sales tracking, how to tighten your prose, sharpen dialogue, navigate promotions and reach more readers…don’t neglect you RWR.




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3 thoughts on “Are You Utilizing and Optimizing Your RWR?

  1. The months seem to glide by faster when tracking time based on a new RWR arrival in the mail box! My stack of unread RWR was beginning to teeter this January, so I’ve sworn to reforming bad habits. The result: entered 7 contests (finalist in 2, a winner in 1, 3 more results pending), timely tips on obtaining reviews I was able to pass on to a friend as her release date loomed, and more. Like moving from pantster to plotter, reading my RWR faithfully is one more good writing habit I’ve learned.

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