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Life interruptus…


I should have had this post written days ago. Working 48 to 50 hours weeks the past month has made writing a struggle. I reasoned I could pen this blog early this morning, but that was before a killer migraine attacked me through the night. It seems the world is against me this year when it comes to making time for writing. This is just another monkey wrench in the misguided writing machine of Nena Clements.

I’m presently editing my latest book. I started this sucker last year. It was well on its way to being finished when my husband decided to retire. That meant all my alone, quiet time no longer existed. I had a constant companion and continuous television noise. I didn’t adjust very well and little progress was made.

A few weeks later my daughter decided she REALLY wanted to be homeschooled. This is her junior year and you are looking at a woman who knows NOTHING about teaching a kid from home or knowing what is required to make sure she will have enough credits to enter a college or university. I freaked. I spent hours on-line finding course material without spending a bundle of money. No money to be honest. Then monitoring what she did and making sure we were on the right track made a huge intrusion in my writing time.

Shortly after that my mom moved to our farm for the winter. That wasn’t so much an intrusion as a gloriously fun distraction. This is the first time I’ve lived close to my mom in thirty years. I eventually figured out how to incorporate visits with writing time.

Sooo… The story actually did get written. It took a whopping ten or eleven months and now I’m trying to find time between work and work and gardening and home school to get it edited. (My husband isn’t in the way. I figured out how to work around that.)

Oddly, I’ve found some time to edit on the extra weekend night I’ve been working, if it’s quiet enough. A great night is when I get through more pages than I would on regular week. I’ve found, though, for me, the slow pace helps me internalize all the emotions and situations my hero and heroine encounter. I might be slow, but this hummer really will get written.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. All my life circumstances help shape what and how I write. I want to keep it real. We all have life to work around. At the moment I have no other writerly insights except life itself.

We are all influenced by our lives. How does your life affect your writing style?

Happy living!!

3 thoughts on “Life interruptus…

  1. Hi Nena!
    I can so relate. My youngest son, who is still living at home, has not been able to find a job and my husband came home from work one day in October and told me he was going to take a medical leave of absence. I said, “A couple of weeks?’ He said, “No, probably a couple of months.” Well, eight months later and he’s still home. 🙂 I told him he might as well sign up for social security and retire. And last but not least my oldest son, who also still lives at home, lost his job in January, Thanks to Blockbuster for going out of business. But we will survive and get the tv and quiet times worked out eventually. Hang in there you aren’t alone!

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