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Get Trailertastic with Megan

Some say gone is the spark book blog tours and even cover reveals kindled at their pinnacle. Some say the next big thing is the trailer tour. Now, let’s be frank, I have no idea what the next big thing in marketing will be. Darn it. But I’m willing to give anything a try once. So, I set about making a few book trailers for my October releases. Here’s the first.

How to make a book trailer in 5 easy steps.

  1. Start with your blurb and trim it to the bone. What’s the main character’s journey? How does their love interest fit in? What is your promise to the reader?
  2. Find pictures or video snippets to represent each of the facets of your trimmed blurb. Brace yourself, most stock photos are cheesy as a can of Easy Cheese. The ones that aren’t are expensive. I lucked out and found dollar photo club. Yes, there’s still some cheddar there, but it has a bearable smell.
  3. Choose your video creator. I spent two day making my first trailer on iMovies. I spent thirty minutes each making the rest, and remaking the first, with animoto. I found the latter’s drag and drop features easy to use. And I am not tech savvy, people.
  4. Have fun. Experiment. Follow your gut.
  5. Upload your beautiful video to your website, social media, and You Tube! You can even look into trailer tours.

Easy peasy!


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2 thoughts on “Get Trailertastic with Megan

  1. Interesting post! Animoto is good but you can also try Powtoons – it’s also easy to use. Also, if you don’t want to pay for photos or are on a really strict budget, then look into the creative commons – just do a google search under images for the category you are looking for and then refine your search by using search tools and usage rights

    1. Thanks for the tips!! I use the creative commons in my blog posts, but found most pics require attributions. I didn’t want to have a credit roll at the end of my trailer, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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