Nena Clements

Muse… It Comes From Everywhere

When I first started my writing journey, I thought I wanted to write historicals. I loved all things old. Problem was, my voice sounded all wrong. After a couple more manuscripts and thousands and thousands of words I found the real me.

I’m just a country girl at heart. I wasn’t raised in the country. My folks weren’t country people either.When I visited my country relatives and ate canned corn and canned green beans with candied apples at their dinner table that my heart was right there, a part of the land. This was where I belonged. I wanted to work in the garden and prepare foods so they could be enjoyed after the season was long past. I wanted know I could make a difference in our lives. Doing things by hand gives me such satisfaction.

It took a few decades before I realized my dream. I’m tending to goats and horses and pulling eggs from the chicken coop on a daily basis. Weeding the garden is a necessary daily task and canning tomatoes is my summer joy. Love all things tomatoes.  All this feeds my imagination and puts a distinct edge to my writing voice.

Recently I added a new facet to my muse. My daughter sucked me into country music a couple of years ago. I have listened to country music for years, but not with so much devotion as of late. I’m a stodgy classical girl with rock and roll tendencies. But I really found myself pulled into the New Country sound with its rock edge.

This past weekend my girl and I went to a Blake Shelton concert. His music leans more to the good ole’ country side. We loved it. It made me remember why I write the sort of stories I write. It’s all about falling in love and loving the simple life we have and loving the people who are dear to us. It’s real and tangible and I love that about his songs. His songs are a constant on my Pandora stream.

This is why I love to write about country girls and boys and small towns and simple life.

What sets your muse to work? I’d love to know.