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Jen HolmanBy Jen Holman

As a pre-published author, I find myself fairly insecure about my writing process, my characters, my plot, my future, and, oh, just about everything to do with writing as a whole. While I know beyond a shadow of doubt that writing is something I must do, beginning my career (?) as an author was and still is terrifying.
How did I know I wanted to be a writer?  Like many people, I wanted to write for years before I actually sat down to do it.  I read once that you know you are a writer if you think about writing all the time.  Certainly, I have that virus.  Fevered book ideas seem to develop so frequently in the shower that I have started leaving pen and paper on the vanity.  When I see an interesting person, I find myself glazing over; looking just a little too long in order to commit their appearance to memory for a future book character.  And all too often I realize that I am psychoanalyzing my friends and family, fleshing out their motives and flaws in order to help give my characters depth.  Who does that?! A writer.
One of the first things I did upon setting my mind to DO something about my desire to be a writer was to read everything I could get my hands on, this including how-to’s on writing and publishing.  What eye-openers!  Being a writer is not just…being a writer.  One must also be an editor, an expert marketer, a good public speaker (or at least a great conversationalist), a freakin’ economist to figure out the best profit options in print and e-publishing, a social media whiz, and one must have a firm grasp of the publishing industry, as a whole.  At least that is what I have seen it take for my peers to be successful.  I am not yet there.
But, I am finding more and more time to write, I am learning as much as I can about the industry, I am making good connections, and through all of this my love for writing (and reading) is still going strong.  I write because I must, but I have faith that somewhere down the road someone else will love what is in my head, too.

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  1. Yay! Yes, it’s a real eye opener to discover all the important skills that have nothing do to with actually writing. I’m so excited to watch your journey.

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