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Fine-Tuning the Facebook Ad ~ Brinda Berry

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. On the one hand, I love having a hotline to news about everyone. I can interact with friends (and strangers if I choose). People put their opinions out there boldly. It’s a TMI party and more  fun and controversial than an episode of The Bachelor. On the other hand, I hate it because of…well, all those same things. Love it or hate it, Facebook is an advertising powerhouse.

I’ve purchased a Facebook ad in the past and wasn’t impressed. I couldn’t see an increase in my book sales. Also, I was experimenting with no clear plan or best method. Recently, Whitney Barbetti, author of He Found Me, discussed her success with Facebook ads. She generously shared the details. I thought I’d give it another try using some of her suggestions.

The ad at the left is one of three versions I created through the FB Ads Manager panel. It was the most successful as far as clicks to website, so I dropped the other two. As a matter of fact, there was a huge difference in the performance. What was the difference in the three ads? Only the image. Choose your image carefully because it matters.

There were some tweeks to my previous methods. I chose the button on the ad to display as “Learn More” rather than “Download.”  I began with the accolades above the image instead of the blurb. I included showing the ad to my friends and fans. When I released the book and ran an unsuccessful ad, I’d excluded those users assuming they’d already seen my book announcements.

My ad ran from June 26, 2014 – July 7, 2014. My budget was $6.00 per day. This means I allowed FB to run the ad up to that limit, paying per clicks on the hyperlink for my Chasing Luck Amazon page.

I targeted the audience for displaying my ad within the news feed. I was specific on the interests of the FB user.I chose females in the US who had interests in romance novels, romantic suspense, new adult fiction, Tammara Webber, Abbi Glines, Cambria Hebert, and Colleen Hoover. Why those names? I tried to choose successful New Adult authors who have a loyal social media following or write the same sub-genre. It’s a matter of choosing the “right” consumer.  It doesn’t matter if one million Facebook users are served my ad if they aren’t the right romance readers.


Was it successful? Yes. Facebook provides a line graph to show users clicking on the ad.  My sales increased substantially during the time period.  Because Chasing Luck is a self-published book, I can see daily sales in Amazon and compare the two line graphs. I’m now debating about how long to extend the ad contract. If I go with the marketing theory that consumers need to see an ad more than once, I should continue the ad.

Do you ever click on a Facebook ad? I confess that I don’t. I think it’s the reason this topic fascinates and baffles me. I do see interesting ads, but it’s not the way I shop for new books. Have you purchased a Facebook ad, clicked on one, or purchased an ad item? All of the above? Share your thoughts or experience!




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  1. Fist pump! Yay, BB!! That’s one thing I love about this business. Authors have the tenacity to try again and the good grace to share what works with the rest. Great tips!!

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