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How do you become a millionaire?

First step: Get a million dollars.

Old joke, I know, but it applies to a lot of things. Being a pre-published writer is one of them.

How did I become a writer? I wrote something awful. Then I wrote something else, and it was less awful.

How did I become a writer seeking a publisher? I submitted something.

Everyone’s path toward publication is different. Mine may be a bit frustrating – write, edit, learn your craft, edit, go to conferences, edit, submit, get rejected, learn some more, edit again, submit again, wait again, and learn while I’m waiting. Repeat as necessary.

Why would anyone do that to themselves for fun?

For me, it is fun. I get to let my imagination loose, and I love it when someone enjoys what I’ve written. I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people who write, teach, and edit. The biggest draw, though, is that I get to learn something new – all the time.

It’s not a bad pursuit, either. It’s free (mostly), and it keeps my hands busy so I don’t snack.

HarrietI hope one day to have a whole shelf of books with my name on them. Right now, one book would be great. But if it never happens, it won’t change the fact that I am a writer.

Have a great month. I’ve got to get back to editing so I can submit something (again).


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