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Megan Mitcham – The Daydreamer

Most people dream with their eyes closed, in the REM of a heavy sleep. Not me. Okay, sure, I dreamt while asleep, but the really good ones came when my eyes were wide. In the car. In class. On the bus. On the couch. Laying in bed. Any and everywhere, I daydreamed.

And then high school came, college, boys, girl friends and daydreaming dwindled. I mean, who has time to stare out the window when the cute guy in your English class sat one row over and down from you? And then came the grown up jobs and the grown up responsibility. My daydreams died from neglect…

Until I started reading for pleasure. Forget study, test, and lesson plans. Think Julie, Sandra, and Linda. Garwood, Brown, and Howard, that is. Only two books in and my daydreams returned with a might roar. And one echoed time and again, refusing to fade into the routine of everyday life.

And so, I wrote.

One turned into two, and three, and more.

And so, I write.

Megan Mitcham

Sizzling Suspense