Diamond State Romance Authors

Keeping up with Elle James and Myla Jackson

These past couple weeks have been K-razy! For those who haven’t been following me closely, you might not realize it, but I’m two writers–Myla Jackson and Elle James. In order for me to write under both pen names, I have to keep writing, and writing, and writing to satisfy the voracious appetites of my readers. Oy! So this is an ongoing challenge. As Elle James, I write for the Intrigue, Romantic Suspense and Nocturne lines, sometimes as many as 7 books in a year. Deep breath…As Myla Jackson, I write for Samhain Publishing writing 4 shorter books a year. Then as both Myla and Elle, I write books for Independent Publishing. All these tasks take time. Add in the occasional conferences like Romantic Times, Romance Writers of American and Novelist Inc, and top it off with owning a business and family commitments and vacations, I never know if I’m coming or going.

And if the writing isn’t enough to keep up with, as an author, we have to let people know what books are out there and when they are being released. I update my own website, sometimes make my own covers, draft newsletters and send them and hop on Facebook and Twitter whenever I have a spare moment…cough, cough, haha!

That being said, I’m always behind, never doing enough with my FB and Twitter and behind on my updates for websites and promo to let people know I have books out.

Last week, I took an entire week to go to a writer’s retreat and wrote my fingers off. This week, not a word. I’ve been playing catch up all week. My daughter had an ATV accident and I’ve been spending time with her in the ER and at home medicating away the pain. Today I’m headed to Romance Writers of America conference and will be there until Sunday.

I need another me to do all the work I have to do. I’m seriously considering hiring a personal assistant to work at my side every day (or at least part time).

This month alone, I’ll have had 3 books come out, one of which I had to gather 12 authors’ input for the formatter, changes and load to various publishing venues.

I barely had time to look at the clothes and promo I need to take to RWA before I was throwing them into my car. When you read this, I’ll be driving to San Antonio. It’s an 11-hour drive. Oy!

I love my job, but sometimes I think I need another me to handle everything.

Oh and these are the three books I have out this month. I wasn’t kidding…I’m busy!