Mags on mollycoddling your muse

How often do you check on your muse?

I’m trying to make a point of touching base with mine more often. I mean, I do all the things good little writers are supposed to do. I have a business plan. I track things—words per day, contract/rights information, royalties earned, etc. I back up my work on hard drive, cloud, external hard drive, and thumb drive (You know, just in case). But, instead of leading a cushy life padded by spreadsheets and hand-fed pie charts, my muse usually gets the Ben-Hur treatment.





But as I’ve mentioned before, it’s been a rough writing year for me. I was just starting to recover from a bad case of writer burn-out when the demands of real life knocked me for another loop. Once again, I find myself in the position of getting back on track.






And this time, I’m going to focus more on nurturing my muse. My muse and I are ready for writing to be fun again, and not a chore.

So how about you? How’s your writing? Are you having a good time?

One thought on “Mags on mollycoddling your muse

  1. My muse is a lot like Sharon Stone. She’s a beeyotch most of the time. But we’re finally in a good place, and we’re talking, and we’re even holding hands and skipping a bit. We plan on making up for lost time and kicking some serious ass for the remainder of this year. At least until she goes bipolar again. Stay tuned! 😀

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