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Megan Mitcham is Partying with Pixlr

Technologically savvy, I am not! But I’ve been making promo like a pro on Pixlr Editor. Well, maybe not a professional, but I do alright. Take a peek.

Magic of ReadingEM Promo Sloan




Newsletter Giveaway 8-2014So, how did I do it? I learned the basics.

  1.  Layering
  2.  Importing
  3.  Resizing Image
  4.  Adding Text

I’ve yet to master the magic wand, but maybe in the future. Here‘s one of the tutorial videos I’ve used most often.  But the most important thing is… play around and use the undo button!

Happy partying!

– Megan










4 thoughts on “Megan Mitcham is Partying with Pixlr

  1. I’d love to attempt something like this sometime. I only just learned how to scan things and how to resize pictures in Microsoft Paint. It could be a while. lol

  2. Working with graphics makes me want to gnaw my hand off. I use GIMP, which is the poor author’s version of Photoshop. Perhaps I should try Pixlr. Is it pretty user friendly?

    1. It could be a bit more user friendly, but with the video tutorials out there it only takes about an hour to learn all the basics I listed. I’d be happy to walk you through it before/after the meeting. Or better yet, maybe I’ll do a program on it for the group. So excited for Sparknado!! If you need help with anything, just let me know!

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