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Writer’s Retreat – A Vacation From the World

This last weekend or chapter held its annual writer’s retreat. We don’t do anything fancy except rent a gloriously elegant house on the lake, lots of amenities with food and maybe something to drink. No programs or structure. The only given is we write our fingers off.

For me this weekend makes my whole year. Our monthly meetings give us time to visit with our sister writers, but this year we’ve missed each other through the interruptions of life. This weekend gave me a chance to visit with some of our members I’ve rarely seen. It was wonderful, fulfilling and entirely satisfying.

We stayed at a beautiful lakeside home in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Spacious and roomy… that is Voirey Linger.


The downstairs crowd… Carol Redclay and


… Stacy Culver.


This room opened up to the swimming pool/hot tub deck.


Friday evening we sat around the pool and ate pizza and drank… drinks.

Meagan Mitchum and Lindsey Cross


Parker Kinkade


That is Jennifer Holman next to Meagan and Lindsey.


And this is Margaret Etheridge….


Sandi on the porch being very productive.


I realized I didn’t get a picture of our newest member who decided at her first meeting it might be safe to spend the weekend with this crowd. Her name is Avery.

Parker and Mandy Harbin.


Meagan, Jennifer and Lindsey dedicated to the craft… They put me to shame.

This was Margaret’s throne.


One last hoorah at the lake. It was so peaceful and tranquil and quiet. No children or husbands or sweet little dogs to interrupt the creative process.

I loved it here. I vote to rent the same place next year.


In the midst of all this writerly endeavor, it should be mentioned several of us spent countless minutes trying to devise a way to watch the acclaimed miniseries OUTLANDER. ALl of the attempts, fruitless. It needs to be said. At the millisecond STARZ posted it on line, six females huddled around a 12in iPad to watch it. Now they can go home and rewatch it on their DVRs. Those women were driven!! I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to see the miniseries someday.

Thank you all for enriching my life. I love being a part of this group. You don’t know how much you mean to me.


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