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Planning a Virtual Book Tour with Sandra Jones

It’s been a long year waiting for my newest historical romance to hit the shelves. Way back in January when I received a contract for  Her Wicked Captain, I was a little eager to send my story out into the world. Okay, maybe I was like biting-my-nails, pulling-out-my-hair anxious! But after having several months to prepare, I’m now very grateful for having all that time.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best marketer, but I’ve learned some lessons from watching my awesome chapter sisters. For one, I created a themed Facebook party to celebrate the release and help build excitement. I’ve invited twelve of my favorite historical romance authors to join me, so it should prove to be a fun, wild night. Second, I created some banners and memes using Adobe Illustrator. I’m probably at the “elementary” stage with this graphic design program, but it’s saved me some time and money.

Probably the biggest step in preparing for the book’s release was planning a virtual book tour.

To start with, I created a spreadsheet with blogs I’d submitted my ARCs to (thanks, Cynthia D’Alba for sharing the tips), and another document with a list of guest blog stops. I emailed several of the bloggers I normally read, asking if they would like to: a) host my book, or b) review it. I arranged a giveaway with Rafflecopter, and then I sent materials to all my wonderful blog hosts.

Here’s my virtual book tour banner:









And my Facebook Party banner:











So far, the promotion has been smooth, and I’m fairly confident my release month will go well. Now if only November will just HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!!