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Six lessons learned

I wrote the first chapter of my first novel six years ago this month. I’m happy to report that I’ve learned a number of lessons in those years. To celebrate, I thought I’d list six of those lessons.

1) Adverbs: The publishing world hates them, which makes me sad. I love them.


2) Prologues: Oops.


3) Agents: Desirable, but elusive as the perfect opening line.


4) Trends: In just the last few years we’ve shifted (pardon the pun) from paranormal, to steampunk, to geek romance, to erotic and BDSM. I’ve managed to write a bit of most of the above.


5) Series Bible: A really smart move.

Blank ringbound notebook and pencil

6) Scrivener: Truly awesome once you give it a try.


How about you? What are some of the lessons you’ve learned over the course of your writing journey?


One thought on “Six lessons learned

  1. I find adverbs extremely awesome and it makes me incredibly sad that the publishing world hates them. See, I used two in that sentence alone! 😀 Excellent advice. The trends are always changing and we learn and grow with each passing year. Let’s hope this next one will be the most exciting yet!

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