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I’m not a lady of the night. A character in my debut novel, Enemy Mine pretends to be one. And I’ve sure been acting like one, flouncing my goods over the net to promote my new babies.

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With releases and promotion come numbers. So, let’s crunch some together and see what we learn. Below are a list of the promotions I’ve done specific to the first three novels of the Base Branch Series.

  1. Review Requests – 42 custom review requests sent to bloggers/reviewers. 10 agreed to reviews along with some guest post opportunities.  Cost – time and ARC digital copies. Time spent – approximately 20 hours of research, request writing, responding.
  2. Cover Reveals – 1 cover reveal for 3 covers on 1 day. 31 blogs signed up with a company that boasts over 10k Twitter followers, 4k Facebook likes, 4k blog followers, 4.5k Goodreads followers, and 32k website page views per month. Cost – $40 Time spent – 1 hour researching different companies, setting up the tour, and corresponding. Output – Twitter follower increase of 26, Facebook page likes increase of 15, newsletter subscriber increase of 3.
  3. Book Blitz – 1, 7 day tour for the 3 books. 40 blogs signed up. I used the same company. Cost – $90. Time spent – 2 hours gather tour material. Output – Twitter follower increase of 189, Facebook page likes increase of 137, newsletter subscriber increase of 16. Number of books sold during book blitz – 75 (just looking at Amazon numbers).
  4. Goodreads Giveaway – 1 autographed print copy of Enemy Mine. Giveaway length – 5 days (including a weekend **a note, Goodreads will not open or close a giveaway on a weekend**) Timing – Started one week before release. Cost – 30 minutes of research, 1 print copy, shipping, plus one extra goodie because it’s taking forever for my giveaway book order to arrive. Output – 542 people entered the contest, 287 added Enemy Mine to their ‘to read’ list.
  5. Today (Sunday, October 12th) I have no promotions running and am not on anyone’s blog and I’ve sold 78 books (again, just looking at Amazon numbers). I’m stroking out excited and have no idea why the number have shot up today. Megan from Bedroom Bookworm did host a guest post/review for me yesterday for which I am extremely grateful!!
  6. Oh, I also hosted a Facebook party on release day with five other authors. However, I have no numbers to report. I had too much fun to count anything!!

A few things I’ve gleaned in a week and a half of my first releases: 1) The most gratifying thing is when a person (you are not related to and are not friends with) reads your book in a night and sends you a FB message gushing about how much they feel in love with your characters! 2) It takes time to build a readership and spread the word. 3) Enjoy the hoopla for a day, relax for a few days, and then get back to work!

So, what did you learn from this jumble of information or your own release experience?

MM_026All the best,

Megan Mitcham

Sizzling Suspense

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  1. So happy for your success, Megan! Very interesting to see the numbers and the output versus input. You’ve certainly worked hard and you deserve all the good things that come your way, my friend! 🙂

  2. Megan, I know you do this research for you and your profession/passion, but I have to tell you that I find these nuggets SO VERY helpful and enlightening. XO.

  3. I hope we played at least some part in the boost i sales. It’s fun to see people succeed! ~Trish (the other half of Bedroom Bookworms)

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