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Elle James – A View Through Your Imagination

As a writer, I consider every trip I take, every where I go, every person I talk to, every article I read in the newspaper, every newscast, television show, book I read, etc…Research!

That’s right. I never know when a germ of an idea will hit me. Some places inspire new ideas. Some people do the same. When I looked at castles in Ireland I could imagine the people who lived there from the moment it was built all the way to the people who manage it as a bed and breakfast or historical landmark today.

In a coffee shop (just an example. FWIW, I don’t drink coffee) I’ll see an interesting face of someone hurrying in for their favorite cup of joe and wonder what that person is thinking about. Is he worrying about his presentation to clients? Is he having troubles with his wife, is he thinking about how he’s going to get to lunch with his girlfriend on time or risk disappointing her again, or is he trying to decide the best place to hide the body (yeah, I’m twisted like that)?

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I carry a small notebook and jot down ideas, thoughts, images or names. Speaking of names, I saw one on a billboard on a trip one time. Lola Lushbaum. I think she was a real estate agent. I wrote it down and will use it in a book some day. I always look at name tags of customer service personnel and wonder what brought them to work behind that particular counter.

The world is rich with ideas if you open your eyes and look around you. So go outside, take a drive in the country, sit in a coffee shop or a park and people watch. Visit an historical landmark or go on a trip. While you’re seeing the sights, look at them with your imagination. What will you see?


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