Diamond State Romance Authors

Life’s Little Moments

I have trouble sleeping at times and I get migraines. Simple, uncomplicated symptoms my husband presented to a local well known herbalist. We refer to him affectionately as the “Witch Doctor”. We live in rural Arkansas where life is simple and so are the remedies to every day ailments, too, it seems, come from the most unusual places and people. The “doctor” looked  my hubby in the eye and told him I have, not three, not four, but five kidney stones in my left ureter. I also have a crick in my neck and my arm goes numb when I sleep.


The man hit every symptom on the nose. Who knows these kinds of things without laying an eye on the patient? I am enthralled with this man’s insight, or talent. I’ve always had a fascination with natural healing, herbs, teas and health in general. I’ve read several books on the subject. I’m taking the prescribed remedy for the next five weeks, three tablets of an herbal concoction, 3 oz of apricot juice and 3 oz of quinine water with a pinch of nutmeg. The only way to gauge if it’s really working is that my neck isn’t as creaky and my arm doesn’t seem to go numb as much after one week. Lets see if it sticks!

This life moment has fueled my tea shop story. A book I’ve made character sketches on and roughly plotted. I even have a few thousand words into it. I just need more time to get to. But I am collecting small remedies for my heroine to use through out the book. My head swirls with ideas and buzzes with small details for dozens of scenes. I can’t get them into the notebook fast enough.

I love it when life creeps in and lights my imagination on fire. When was the last time it happened to you?