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Thanks for Harriet’s great year

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Really? Didn’t we just do this holiday?

The year has flown, and it leaves me wondering what I’ve accomplished. I’ll spare you the resolution list and how many hours I logged at the gym. My love of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sort of undid those anyway.

I began this year committed to this being the year I was published. And I’m not yet. While there’s another month left, and it could still happen, I’m not pinning all my hopes on it. When I look back at the last 11 months, I think that phrase sums it up well – not pinning all my hopes.

Not on one manuscript, or one editor, or one company … or one year.

Rather than getting discouraged and giving up, I’ve settled in for the marathon. I’ve begun to treat my writing like a career and build my brand. I’ve met new colleagues, learned more about my craft, and overcome my fear of letting people read my work. Becoming a writer has given me confidence in many other areas of my life. Learning about my craft has improved my skills across the board.

That’s not a bad year.

And next year I’ll continue to learn and improve, and all my lessons will come in handy when I do get published. Because the first book only means getting ready for the second, and the third, and the … .

Enjoy the holiday with your families. Read something fun over the long weekend. And, if you’re writing, don’t give up.


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