Diamond State Romance Authors

Strong Heroines

In the “old days” when I first started reading romance, I snitched the Harlequin Romances from my mother’s stack of library books and spent my summers curled up somewhere escaping into a world of love and adventure. Back then, the heroes were strong, sometimes taciturn and hard to crack. The heroines were more on the virginal, helpless side. All I have to say is “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

Even though I read romances as a young girl, I grew up more of a tomboy, constantly on the move, never afraid to try the things the boys did, or to go on grand adventures. I don’t have much patience for women who think they can’t do things because they are too soft and feminine to lift a finger to help themselves, or might break a nail. My women can handle a gun and wear heals. Yeah, they can look good as well as shoot expert. When I read and write, I want to escape into stories of strong women letting equally strong men into their lives because they have something to share.  Love.

In my TAKE NO PRISONERS series of Navy SEAL books, my heroines are strong and know what they want out of life. If that includes a hunky Navy SEAL, great!

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