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Movitation – what really works?

This week I attended a class through Romance Writers of America. It was about motivation and setting goals.

OMG. We’ve heard enough about this subject, haven’t we? I’ve been writing for five years now and I learned about setting goals early on. You would think I would keep at it, set those goals every year, every month, weekly. Nahhhh. The sad part is I set goals every week with a stunning group of writers. Their accomplishments are amazing. Mine are so insignificant compared these talented women. (I’m not pouting, promise.)

I got lazy, discouraged and life crept in and starting stealing my time. I took my eye off the prize. Not a good thing. Thank goodness for little classes like this one. I feel myself falling back into line again.

I carved out a space in our very small house that is NOT in the general living area. It is my own place. Even my little Cooper is amazingly at peace there (my little writing muse). I set a couple of general goals for each day and found myself making great progress for this week.

For the future:

1. I am going to jot down what I need to accomplish each day, including work and home goals, setting a loose schedule will give me some structure. If it’s only to read an article or catch up on a couple craft blogs, it will go on the list.

2. I’m going back to recording my daily accomplishments in a daily planner. I find that keeps me on task.

3. I’m going to finish the 2nd edit pass on this one book and finish writing this other book I left incomplete last year.

I feel recharged and rejuvenated!

Also, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the marvelous writers in our chapter. You all help me keep going. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the years.

How do you keep yourself on task and organized. I’d LOVE to hear from you.