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Like Fine Wine: Mags gives 10 good reasons to write about love after 40


10) The buying power of tech-savvy Boomer and Gen X demographics have finally caught the publishing industry’s attention.

9) Is there anything sexier than a hero with a few character lines in his face?

8) The majority of romance readers are women 30-54 years old and they want to see more heroines like themselves.

7) Let’s face it. Sex is more fun once you’ve moved past the age of worrying how you look from every conceivable angle.

6) Your hero and heroine have arrived at a time in their lives where they’re not so compelled to play the dating games the younger folk so enjoy, nor do they blanch at the mere mention of the L word. At least, let’s hope not There’s nothing sexier than a couple diving into a new relationship with eyes wide open.

5) They take the time to wine and dine. People with a little…seasoning appreciate romance and take the time to savor the sweet things.

4) Heroines can look like Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Courtney Cox, or Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and no one can say, “No way!”

3) Or, you can make them look like me, or you, or your mom and it’s still okay, because hopefully you’re writing a guy who’s at the age where he’s looking for more than perky boobs and a tiny butt.

2) Life experience lends natural poignancy to emotion-packed scenes. No need to mine for over-wrought dialogue or trumped-up drama. They’ve already got it in them.

1) John Stamos and Rob Lowe are over 50. So are Denzel Washington, Jon Bon Jovi, and Colin Firth. Oh, and George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Viggo Mortenson…Sorry. I got a little carried away with this one. But let that sink in for a minute. That’s right. The possibilities are delicious!

What do you think? Have I convinced you? How do you feel about romances featuring more mature heroes and heroines?

2 thoughts on “Like Fine Wine: Mags gives 10 good reasons to write about love after 40

  1. This is such an awesome list! I’m a huge fan of romances featuring heroes and heroines who are more seasoned, as you say. It adds so much more depth to the story and their own personal stories as well. They know what they want, and they’re brave enough to go after it. I should take a page or two out of their books. 😉

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