Make it real, and true to your heart

The holidays are behind us, and we are once again looking forward to the New Year.


I realized very early on that resolutions never last long for me, so I changed to setting goals. I make them real, tangible and true to my heart. This keeps me focused, more apt to stay on track.  Because we all know that life gets in the way of all best set plans. I personally need help keeping myself going. Take for example going on a diet. You eat well for the first few day, but those cookies in the cupboard are calling your name. After a few days of oatmeal, and salads, you cave. Telling yourself that just one won’t hurt, a reward for being good. But one cookie turns into two, then three, then…well you get it. Diet goal will need a re-start.

With today’s technology there are so many tools out there that will help you keep your resolutions, and or goals.

Almost everyone has a smart phone, and it can be just that, our smart phone. There is an app for anything you want.

There are apps for starting, and keeping as exercise program

Couch to 5K, Ab builder, 50 and fabulous…my favorite and many more. They are easy to follow, and reward you for each goal you obtain, but never scold you for falling short.

If you chose building your finances here are a few.

Build me a budget, DebtTracker and Financialplus, for those who need to re-do their finances. Then there are many to help save money.  Gasbuddy, to show where the cheapest gas is. Grocery IQ, this app keeps your grocery list, plus helps track the best price for that item. SnipSnap, and Groupon will help you save money by finding coupons for the items you want.

If you chose writing as a goal, here are a few of mine.

Write 2 Lite

This free iPhone app is great for any type of writing. If you’re always full of ideas and are sick of struggling to find a pen and paper before you lose your train of thought, this app will be a good fit for you.


When searching for a writing app for Android, be sure to give Writer a try. Writer is an uncomplicated app that lets you write without all the extra distractions. Turn to Writer to focus on writing

Plotting your book along similar lines with a tool like A Novel Idea should make for a stronger story and more fulfilling conclusion.

There are many more you just need to research, and find the ones that will make your writing goal one that will be achievable.

My goals are to improve my health, and get back on track with writing. I didn’t say lose weight or do 1500 words a day. Those set me up to fail in my busy life. So I set goals that I can take baby steps with, and make major strides with by the end of 2015.

So Happy New Year to all, and I hope your goals are ones that will brighten your life and make you smile at the end of each day.

Lynda Frazier