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Tracking Clicks by Brinda Berry

When it comes to marketing, it’s difficult to know what works and what is just plain embarassing. Many authors post on social media online and take a best guess on success. A better method is to track consumer clicks and compare that to sales. Using a URL shortener can help you determine if your book advertisement is working.

Here’s an example of how a person can track clicks. I sometimes use to track my links. I have an account with this site and routinely create lots of custom links for each novel I publish. I created custom links for my novel Chasing Luck and used those in the text of a Facebook ad I ran in late December. The ad promoted a giveaway for an ebook (not the one pictured) and signing up for my newsletter. I asked people to tag friends and comment on the photo ad.

The readers involvement with my ad could end there. But it didn’t. In the Facebook ad text, I included links to buy my book. I was curious if people would click on my book store links as well as signing up for the newsletter.

Here’s a peek a slice of the ad with all the Chasing Luck bitly short links in the middle:

Remember, the goal was to encourage subscribing to my newsletter. But I did want to get the most exposure, so including the book links seemed smart. Did people click?






ad datesFor the Chasing Luck Amazon Bitly link, here is the chart for the ad days.

Dec. 27th – 8 clicks   /    Dec. 28th- 7 clicks   /   Dec. 29th – 3 clicks   /   Dec. 30 – 8 clicks   /    Dec. 31- 2 clicks

Facebook users clicked on the other store links as well. Did I have sales those days? Yes. I can’t guarantee that the two are linked, but I’d like to think including the links did tempt a few people to purchase a book.

There are many link shortener sites and it’s wise to choose a reputable one. You want to know the site will be around for a while, especially while you are using the short link. Many people use other services and I advise you to do your research about Bitly links or any service you use. Another site I routinely use is (Google’s service).

Have you ever used a link shortener? Recommendations or tips?