Diamond State Romance Authors

In the Writing Cave

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BICHOK. It’s how books get written. Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard. (Or dictation microphone on face, but that doesn’t’ sound as cool.)

Right now I’m deep in my writing cave, deeper in the cave than I’ve been in over a year. Bunnybee is 10K down and I’m in the first round of revision for Regarding Henry, adding some scenes and rounding it out. It’s work. Hard work. Work I’m reluctant to do some days, because it is work. It strains the brain and I drive myself nuts trying to figure out just how to convey that emotion or getting the room I’m seeing in my head down on paper. And to top it off, right now I’ve got a few characters who don’t fit the romance mold very well, one might be flat-out hateable. I need to make the reader love her without changing her into someone more likeable.  Writing is hard.

But at the same time, it feels incredible. My stories, my characters, these voices and visions in my head are there, on the page where other people can see them. It’s a huge rush for me, especially when other people like what I’m writing. Their comments and encouragement make me want to do more. More than more, actually. They make me want to do MOAR.

I love being in my cave, that heady sense of creating and being productive. Getting into the zone isn’t always easy, but the rush… that makes it all worthwhile.