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Mags the counter

In my day job, I track bits and pieces of inventory from the moment they come through one door until we ship them out another. I’m pretty much the same way with my writing. I’m all about accountability.

I love trackers, thrive on goals, and always try to exceed expectations. Even if they are my own. And I love putting my goals out there. That way I’m accountable for reaching them. Even if only to the blogiverse.

Last month, I talked about how much I had on my plate and my difficulty finding the motivation to Get Things Done. I also said that if I didn’t have at least 75% of my to-do list tackled, you could force feed me salad.

Well, I’m relieved to report that my aversion to any vegetable not of the corn or potato persuasion shall remain intact.

Here’s where I was:

Spring Chickens is scheduled for release on January 8, 2015

I have a two drafts to complete – Bossy Pants and Full Court Press

I’m still waiting on a response on a proposal submission. That means I’ll have to work up the nerve to nudge again.

There’s a bunny for a short story I’d like to turn loose.

And here is where I’m at:

Spring Chickens released! Yay! I still love the story, but what I really love is the spiffy new cover.

I’ve completed the draft and first round of revisions on Bossy Pants and sent it off to my crit partner. With the help of said critter, I’ve also re-brainstormed Full Court Press to make way for possible series potential and have started revisions. I plan to have them completed in the next couple of weeks.

Due to changes in the publisher’s lines, the proposal fell through. While I’m sad that the story won’t get it’s sequel, I’m happy to let it go and start focusing on what’s next.

I’ve also decided not to chase the short story bunny. There are bigger, better bunnies to chase and I want to focus my attention on them. But, just so I am not accused of simply crossing things off the list and calling them done, I’ve added a new project.

The rights to Seducing Steve (my first Maggie Wells release) have reverted to me, and thanks to an unexpected opening in Indie Editor Extraordinaire’s schedule, I was able to secure a spot for some immediate re-editing. I hope to repackage and re-release the story this spring!

So that’s my accounting for the month. Hopefully, but the next time we’re together, Spring Chickens will be selling in the kazillions, Bossy Pants will be in my editor’s hands, Full Court Press will be getting raked over the coals by my vicious critter, and Seducing Steve will be on its way to getting new cover art.

What about you? What do you hope to accomplish in February? Anything you need me to hold you accountable for this month?