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The Red Zone by Brinda Berry

Every author has a favorite part of the writing and publishing process. My personal favorite is brainstorming the new story. I’m giddy thinking about research, character profiles, and plots. The front end of the process is pure heaven for me. Let me organize my Scrivener note cards by chapter and plot point. Stand back as I choose the perfect characters’ names. Humor me as I research a city, download maps, fall into internet rabbit holes. I love first drafts!

For me, the end of the process is quite a different story (no pun intended). Proofreading a final manuscript is like having paper cuts scored across my eyes. Sorry for the graphic visual. Maybe it’s not that bad.

The end is where I am now in the writing process. I’ve finished writing the third book in my Serendipity series, Seducing Fortune. I want to be excited that my baby will be out in the world soon, but all I want to do is start my next manuscript. Thank goodness it’s with my editor and then off to a proofreader.

I know I’ll make it through the last twenty yards. I’m focusing on things I enjoy–searching for quotes from my manuscript for marketing graphics.  I’m helping writer friends with their graphics tasks this week. I’m keeping a positive attitude.


Today’s Tech Tips: Export your manuscript in a format for a digital reader. You’ll find so many mistakes you couldn’t see in the word processor. Read your manuscript in the iBooks or Kindle app. You can highlight and add a comment to each error. It’s easy to email the document to yourself.


Find a quote you like? Would it make a good marketing image? I have an iPhone and downloaded the InstaQuote app. This graphic only took minutes to create. It’s simple to copy and paste a quote between iBooks and the InstaQuote app. This size works well for social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Find ways to make the dreaded parts of writing…well, less dreadful. Ask writer friends about their coping techniques.

What is your favorite part of the writing process? How do you deal with the parts you hate?


BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.