Nena Clements

A Visit with a Real Editor


Meet Lacey Thacker.

Last month we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a wonderful young woman whom a number of our group hires for her excellent abilities to edit a manuscript. She the marvelous and refreshing Lacy Thacker. Lacy gave us a quick overview of how she edits a manuscript. She does a three pass edit.

The first round is for anything she notices and gets the feel of the story.


Lindsey, Brinda and Jennifer are waiting for the meeting to begin. We are all excited.


Mandy and Parker,  Voirey with Martin and Dara are taking it all in. Lacy is hanging out behind them

The next round is to find any inconsistencies and what could be made better.

The  last round, third, is for reviewing all the notes she’s made, going through the editing checklist and proofreading.

The process of putting a story on paper and getting it out to the world isn’t nearly as clear-cut and concise as one might believe. Lacy laid it out rather pictorially for us. I love this version!! I feel as if she walked inside my head.


NO! Writing isn’t linear.

It’s important to have a fresh set of eyes look at what you’ve spent months staring at. We all know those months of reading the same old stuff makes it stale and we start hating our characters and the story seems stale and boring.

New eyes  gives the writer  a new perspective.

And writing is hard, but creative and liberating. We will reach our goals. An editor is an important part of the publishing process. They prevent us from publishing crap and pull us back to what is important… the gist of the story.

Happy writing all and may you find the best editor for you!