Diamond State Romance Authors

Never gets old, never gets easier

There are a ton of great things about this business. Things that never get old. A yes, when you were prepared for a no. Phone calls that make your heart break into a gallop. Gifts from the cover art angels in your inbox. A galley. Preorder buttons. Release day. Reviews that make a writer go all Sally Field on a reader…”You like me! Right now, like me!”

But some things will never be easy for me. Things like critiques (I don’t like being told I’m not perfect), putting myself out there at conferences (believe it or not, I am a little quiet in unfamiliar groups/settings), and the dreaded self-promotion.

Then there’s the hardest one of all: submission.

It doesn’t matter how many books I have (or have not) published, attaching a manuscript and pressing send always feels a lot like watching a runaway baby carriage zig-zag across a busy highway.

Remember those manuscripts I had to finish and revise? Well, I stuck to the plan and they are done. Now, I just have to give them a push and send them hurtling into the world. In the next week, I plan to submit two separate novels for consideration. The first is a sequel to a previously published work. I’ll be sending it directly to my editor. The other will be going out to an agent who requested a full based on a pitch. Oh, and I’m going to a conference and I might be pitching there as well.


So, there’s my update. Goals achieved. New projects are lined out to serve as distraction. Fresh goals are being set. Please cross your fingers, toes, legs and eyes and wish me luck.

I feel I should just apologize now. Things were kind of touch and go with me as I went through the painful ‘growing out my bangs’ phase over the past six months. I think it’s safe to assume the next eight-to-twelve weeks will be fairly fraught.

Tell me, what’s the easiest part for you? The hardest? Want a cookie? I think we’re going to need plenty of cookies, don’t you?