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Practice Makes…

Nobody’s perfect! Ever. So, to all those teachers who said, “Practice makes perfect,” when I was writing my spelling words one-hundred times each, you’re pitches needed practice. Because practice makes improvement.

Why do we strive for perfection? Who ever said… LIFE GOAL = BE PERFECT? I don’t know, but perfect is boring. Greatness comes when we push ourselves, not to be great, but to be different. When we step outside our comfort zones, when we critique another’s work and ask them to critique ours in return, we grow. When we take a leadership role with nothing more than idea and the work-ethic to back it up, we promote change.

Often the pressure to be perfect stifles writers. But what’s worse, not writing because what you produce isn’t perfect or writing something that is flawed? That flawed story can be improved until it is magical enough to be release into the world?

I’m not saying forget your self-editing, your critique partners suggestions, your professional editing, your beta readers! I’m saying remove the weighty coat of perfection.

You are perfect in your uniqueness and no one can write the story of your heart, except you!

This concludes Megan’s Soap Box Blog of the day. 😉


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