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Doing It Yourself – Banner Creation Made Simple

We all have a need to make a cover or banner or some form of art work at some point in our writing journey. How many of us have that much time or enough funds to expedite it quickly and efficiently? Well, we learned how to make lovely, semi-professional banners/covers at one of our monthly meetings. Who’d have thought? Best of all, I can do it without a hitch. And if I can do, anyone can.

This method doesn’t require using layers and then flattening them and all that… the complex stuff we find in photoshop programs. Pixlr takes that and simplifies with several variables. All you have to do it choose something and you have a beautiful creation.

The first thing we need are the dimensions of the banner. Sami’s last post gave a wonderful link for a huge variety of banners and covers for different sites and uses.

Here a few frequently used banner sizes. These are pixels.

Facebook- 851×315

Twitter – 1500×500

Google – 1080x 608

Web header – 1200x 350

Digital covers 1563 x 2500

Now, go to bannerfans.com . In the banner layout tab, choose CUSTOM and enter the dimensions in the boxes.



At the Text tab delete the text so the banner is blank.


If you want another color other than the standard blue you’ll need to change it. Now save the banner to your hard drive.

Open Pixlar and choose the Pixlr Express option. Click the Browse button and find your saved banner.

Now you click the Adjustment icon and from that choose Add Image. 

Pull the image from your file and place it in the banner/cover. Use the wonderful tabs to edit and create textures and effects on the whole banner.

Text can be added in different fonts.


When you are finished finessing your masterpiece, save it! It is now ready to upload where ever and whenever you need it.

This is by far the easiest way to make your own graphics. Thank you to my DSRA sisters who taught this at our February meeting. I’d truly be lost without you gems.