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Stick with the plan!

Do you have a business plan? If not, you need one. Voirey Linger did two excellent posts here in the DSRA blog about setting up your business plan. If you haven’t read them check out The Business Plan and The Business Plan, Part 2.

I’ve been working, and re-working my business plan for my writing career since 2012-2013, and I have to say it has truly paid off.


In 2013, my plan was to publish fast and furious, and I did. I had over twenty releases that year with Turquoise Morning Press and Carina Press.

In 2014, my plan was to step back, take a breather, and focus on landing contracts with progressively larger publishers. I’m happy to say I was able to add both Harlequin-E and Kensington’s Lyrical Press to my writing resume.

Then I decided it was time to look for a partner to help take my career to the next level. While writing stories to capitalize on my options with my exiting publishers, I start working on a manuscript I planned to submit in hopes of landing an agent. I registered for the NOLA Stars conference, where I’d have the opportunity to pitch agents face to face, and also RWA National in New York.

I started out cautiously, only sending partials and fulls requested in pitches, but then one day I saw a tweet from one of my dream agents saying she was looking for something that sounded like it might be right up my alley. I queried her, and three weeks later, I had an offer of representation in hand.


Yeah. Wow. Well, that happened a little faster than I anticipated. Does that mean my plan flies out the window? No. It just means I have a partner to help me work the next steps of that plan.

So, now I’m heavily into revisions, both on my manuscript and on my business plan. Do I know what will come next? Not exactly, but whatever it is, I’m ready, willing and able to adapt. That’s what makes this roller coaster ride of a business so thrilling!

How about you? Do you know your next step? Do you have an idea of what you’d like it to be?




One thought on “Stick with the plan!

  1. First off, congrats again on all your good news, Mags! I suppose one day I should sit down and make myself one of these fancy little business plans you’re talking about. It’ll be much different than yours, but I think if it at least exists, I’ll be more inclined to follow it. You are living, breathing proof that dreams really do come true and no goal is too great. 🙂

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