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Mistakes. I’ve Made A Few. By Jen Crane

Oscar Wilde said “experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”

I am really experienced.

This week I changed my pen name. After months of working to build name recognition and a social media presence, it’s all gone. Gone!

I plan to publish two novels in the Descended of Dragons series this October. I have a blog tour booked, a beautiful cover and social media promotional materials that I adore. I have a LLC, an EIN, a bank account, Amazon and iBooks accounts. I’m getting all my little book ducks in a row so that I can sell these babies come October.

With a stark and sudden clarity I decided that my nom de plume doesn’t reflect what I’ve written; what I want to continue to write. I freaked out for a good four hours. I asked the honest opinions of people I trust, and it turns out I was right. The alliteration of Sami Sapphire combined with the jewel last name “wraps the pseudonym right around a pole,” as a dear friend put it.

A mistake. I had made a mistake in choosing my pen name. I had spent countless (!!!) hours making logos and promo images and a blog and website for a name that might handicap my sales and readership. What to do?

I changed it. I decided that having a name that wasn’t representative of my genre, and might discourage readers from sharing a beloved book with a friend, was shooting myself in the foot before I even got a gun permit. So, I went with a meaningful name, the first one that ever came to me when I thought about writing. From here on out, you can count on seeing these posts from me, Jen Crane.

So, I’m counting my mistakes as experience and using what I have learned the hard way to begin anew.

Wish me luck!

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