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Did You Know RWA has Classes?

This is the year of delving into the science of craft for me. I have to approach everything from an analytical perspective, my fatal flaw. I’ve been at this for six years now and I’ve written a LOT of words, finished a few books, but haven’t published anything, accept a really nice short story. I’ve taken several classes over the years, predominately at the start of the year with intentions to take another later on, but that quickly is forgotten with time. I have also set goals to read a finite number of craft books over the year, but I typically only can drag myself through one solid book. Gahhh. It’s like trying to get blood out of a turnip, getting my to devote myself to learning how to do this correctly.

Alas, I could take a creative writing class or something of that sort to learn the nuances of putting together a good story. I would rather do it my way.

This year I am determined to get  something published. But to do that I have to put some real editing work into these books. I told myself no big stories this year until I get this done.

I’m getting there. I have learned so much from the five books I’ve read already. I have learned even more from the classes Romance Writers of America has offered. Since the beginning of the year I’ve attended eight different classes, five of them free and the other three for only $10 each. That is a steal in this community. Granted, classes are not expensive from other places, but none as great a value as this! And the instructors at RWA, as are all of the instructors in this community, are all experienced and talented writers with patience beyond bounds. These are a value you  can’t pass up.

All of them have helped get me through editing. This latest, Revisions, is the best. Previous classes were:Starting your story in the right place, Creating Conflict Through Character, Marketing Basics, Avoiding Burnout, Writing Through Life’s Curveballs, Motorcycle Club Heros. That last one is way out of my league, but it was free and I learned something if I ever find myself adding a motorcycle character, I know where to get some info.

Even better is the help I get from one of our chapter members. She has taken me baby step by baby step into discovering my characters and writing in THEIR voice in a deeper POV. I owe her so much. Thank you Voirey Linger.

I need to also point out that Roxanne St.Claire has a monthly blog topic on revisions as well. There is so much information on the RWA site now you probably don’t have to go anywhere else.

I want to make you all aware of the resources your membership gives you. We belong to a truly wonderful organization. I read the RWR magazine every month for inspiration and more information. I need all I can get. A writer’s life is  a lonely existence at times and we have to find a way to pull ourselves up when we feel like we’re dragging the ground. This is mine.

Soldier on fellow romance writers! Soldier on!!